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Lower Your Electric Bills
Save Money On Electric Bills

■Save Money Electric bills
■Lower Electric Bills
■Double the life of your Air ConditionerSaving Money

Step One

Turn off the power and spray the entire condenser with AC-ENERGY BOOST

Step Two Wait 5 minutes
Step Three Rinse off the AC, turn back on the power and enjoy the savings

How To Lower Your Electric Bill

 Save on your electricty and AC bills, at home or in the office today!

Air ConditionerThe way to Lower Electric Bills. Your AC unit on the outside (also called the condenser) is designed to remove heat from the house. Its main component is the huge coil that wraps around the unit. It is made of copper tubing and thin aluminum fins. When the unit is new it works great but when the coil gets dirty from: Pollen, Pollution, Dirt, Dust, Leaves, Sand etc. it loses efficiency. consequently the machine must work harder and longer using more electricity.This Will Save You Money on Power Bills.

AC-ENERGY BOOST is a common sense solution to a big problem. Clean coils mean that the Air Conditioner runs cheaper and lasts longer. It will Prolong the life of your Air Conditioner and save money on electric bills. I know this to be true because I am an HVAC professional and whenever we get an Air Conditioner service call the first thing we do is clean the condenser with AC-ENERGY BOOST (a $125 service). This is the biggest secret the HVAC industry does not want you to know and It Will Save Money on Power Bills.

Start Saving Money Today

AC Energy Boost may be used in: Central Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Window Air Conditioners, Mobile Home Air Conditioners, Swamp Coolers, RV Air Conditioners, Swimming Pool and Spa Filters and many other applications where non-disposable filters or coils exist. This is a 100% Green Product. One bottle of AC Energy Boost can save you Hundreds of dollars off your electric bill every year. This is a green product, kid & pet friendly and contains no toxic chemicals.  We guarantee you will be happy with our product or your money back, no questions asked.

AC Energy and 13 Secrets ebook

Yes you get a 32 ounce bottle of AC-ENERGY BOOST and 13 SECRETS THE HEATING AND AIR INDUSTRY DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW e-book a $39.95 value all for $19.95 shipped absolutly FREE

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About AC Energy Boost

ScientistsThis product was developed by two heating and cooling HVAC technicians with over 40 years experience. AC-Energy Boost is manufactured in an environmentally responsible GREEN Laboratory located in middle Wisconsin. The product is Safe For Children and Pets.

So many times air conditioning repair men are dispatched to a home because the ac unit is not working well, it is not cooling as good as it used to. The truth is, often times the only thing wrong it is that the condenser unit is dirty and greasy. For this service you will normally pay anywhere from $125 to $200.

Eliminate the need for unnecessary service calls, be proactive in your air conditioner maintenance for pennies on the dollar. Our cleaning system will not only prolong the life of the unit but will lower your electricity bill every month and has no harmful chemicals.

Most people forget that their air conditioner needs to be serviced regularly. Your ac unit just sits on the side of the your house costing you more and more electricity every single day because it is not being cleaned properly. Dust, dirt, pollen, sand, grit, grime, tree sap and all kinds of things get caught in the tiny fins of your air conditioner. This stuff if not removed is prematurely wearing out your AC and is costing you a bundle in electricity.

In the North your AC should be cleaned once a year. In the South your unit should be cleaned twice a year. This alone will save you hundreds of dollars in electric bills and make your air conditioner more efficient and last longer.

This product not only works for the average home condenser units (the outside portion of the AC unit) but it is great for mobile home AC units because you can wash not only the condenser but the evaporator as well. It is great for window AC units, swamp coolers and commercial roof top air conditioners.

The chemicals used in the creation of AC Energy Boost are all non-toxic and environmentally friendly. None of these chemicals will harm your coils and will not leave any residue.

 Want to save money on those electricty bills, and directly save money
on that AC bill at home. If you want to save cash, and have an AC unit -
perhaps live in the USA, Canada, The Caribbean, Bahamas, Jamaica,
Netherlands Antilles, Virgin Islands as well as worldwide. If you want
to cut your AC bills our product will cut your electric bills right down
so buy one today, and get saving tommorrow!

Yes you get a 32 ounce bottle of AC-ENERGY BOOST and 13 SECRETS THE HEATING AND AIR INDUSTRY DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW e-book a $39.95 value all for $19.95 shipped absolutly FREE

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